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Import from spreadsheets

Ontime allows importing a rundown from a spreadsheet written elsewhere (eg. Excel or Google-Sheets).

Spreadsheet template Follow here to see the Google Sheet template in the screenshot.

Importing data

For a successful import, there are a few conventions to follow.

  1. Ontime reads a single worksheet
  2. You can have as many columns as necessary, Ontime only imports the columns you request
  3. The name of the worksheet and columns are given in the app on import
  4. Ontime creates an event for every row on the table (see exception in Timer type notes)
  5. All fields in an event (row) are optional, Ontime will fill in with default data if necessary
  6. The times can be either an Excel time field or a short text entry as described in the smart entry feature eg: 00:10:15 or 10m15s

See below the expected data types of the rundown data

Field names are not case-sensitive: both Title and title would be recognised on import.

Event FieldData TypeDefault value
StartExcel time | string00:00:00
Link startbooleanfalse
EndExcel time | string00:00:00
DurationExcel time | string00:00:00
Colourstring (# hex colour or named css colour)""
End actionnone stop load-next play-nextnone
Timer type*count-down count-up time-to-end clock count-down time-to-end block skipcount-down
Time warningExcel time | string00:02:00
Time dangerExcel time | string00:01:00

Custom Fields

Ontime allows importing any amount of custom fields.
You will need to provide the title of the relevant columns on import.

For each field provided, Ontime will create a custom field and add the data in the excel table row to the event.