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Import from Google Sheets

You can synchronise Ontime to a Google Sheet.
This is ideal for collaboration or extensive data manipulation.

Spreadsheet template Follow here to see the Google Sheet from the screenshot

To enable this feature, you will to need provide Ontime with the necessary permissions.\ From there, we can read and write to the Google Sheet spreadsheet.

Generate Client Secret in Google

You will need to create a token in your Google Account and upload it to Ontime.

2. Authenticate Ontime

With Client ID Ontime can request Google permission to access the data in the spreadsheet.

  • Start the synchronisation process in Editor -> Settings -> Data Sources by clicking the Synchronise with Google button
  • Upload the client secret downloaded from Google and provide the ID of the sheet to synchronise
  • Click the Connect button to request the authentication in Google services.

You will be provided a 6 digit code and a link to the Google Authentication page.
Please follow the link and insert the provided 6 digit code.

3. Read and write data

Now Ontime is connected to your Google Sheet.

You can now read and write to and from the spreadsheet in this interface. Keep in mind that these operations will override the data in the other location