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Crashes and corrupted data

Sometimes things go badly.
Ontime provides a few fail-safes to protect its runtime.

Crash logs

If the Ontime process crashes, we generate a crash log in the user directory.

Send it over to us and we will take a look.

Recover on bad shutdown

Ontime persists to the machine the major milestones of the runtime.
If the app detects that it has been shutdown without the proper processes (in the examples of crash or machine shutdown), Ontime will recover the state on the next start.

This means that you can restart Ontime and the app will jump playback to where it should be.

Refuse corrupt data

Everytime Ontime loads a project, it parses its data to ensure that it is safe to consume at runtime.

If Ontime is to find data that is either corrupt, or does not conform with the expectations, the data will be refused by the parser.
These are rare occurences but can happen in the case of external software writing to ontime’s project, or while upgrading Ontime versions.

To safeguard your data, Ontime creates a copy of the project before the parse and pushes it to a corrupt files directory. The parsed file is renamed to include a (recovered) label.