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Make custom views

Ontime broadcasts its data in the network for use by any device.

You can leverage this to create custom views and control interfaces that match your needs while letting Ontime handle the distribution and time-keeping.

Making custom views

You can create a custom view using any technology of your choice. If you plan to deploy this using Ontime’s infrastructure, you must leverage Javascript, CSS and HTML.

In short, you will create a web page / application that listens to the WebSocket stream from Ontime and updates its view.

Please follow here for the documentation on the Runtime Data.
If you are also looking to control Ontime, you can find the needed information in the API documentation.

Alternatively, the APIs also offer polling endpoints which can be helpful in cases where you are unable to utilise the WebSocket stream.

Delivering custom views

Once you have created your custom Ontime views, you can use Ontime’s infrastructure to deliver these in the network.

Ontime exposes any file inside its external folder to the network. This folder is also used to keep the custom styles.