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What's new in v3

Smaller, better, faster, stronger

At the time of writing, Ontime has been four years in the making. 
We have learned about the App and what users have been doing with it.

The newest release (v3) focuses on improving the quality of life in the code base, user interfaces, and APIs.

Some highlights of the user-facing work:

  • Project manager to simplify handling many Ontime project files
  • Improvements in delay management and a new offset data point
  • Comprehensive timer types and end actions for allowing complex interactions
  • Ability to link event times
  • User-definable custom fields
  • Re-write of the APIs to simplify interacting with Ontime
  • Auxiliar timers
  • Several UI design changes and improvements

… and many more

Removals and breaking changes

  • Removed subtitle and presenter fields in event in favour of fully customisable custom fields
  • Removed user fields in favour of fully customisable custom fields
  • Removed On Air data is not user controlled, but indicates whether the playback is loaded
  • Breaking Roll mode needs ordered events*
  • Breaking restructure of all APIs