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Ontime APIs

Ontime distinguishes data into two main types

Project data

This is data kept with the project that is persisted across app shutdown, it includes your settings and rundown.
The persisted data changes less often and is transmitted over HTTP

Runtime data

This is data that results from your interaction with the app, it includes timers and playback state.
The runtime data changes potentially very often. This is transmitted over WebSocket, but can be also consumed and modified over any of the supported protocols (OSC, WebSocket and HTTP).

Get project data

Please follow the link to the documentation on the HTTP endpoints that provide access to the project data.

Control Ontime

The OSC, Websocket and HTTP API allow for low latency communication to Ontime.
The APIs for the difference protocols are mostly feature compatible, so it is up to you to choose the most convenient protocol.

You can find the documentation for the individual protocols by following the links

Control from Ontime

You can also leverage the integrations feature to distribute the runtime data from Ontime or control other software.
More information is available in the documentation for integrations.